About Us

Fixer India is a gadget Repair Centre based in Bangalore, that specialise in all Mobile, Tablet and Laptop Repairs.. We take excellence in providing the best and most efficient service for all our clients. We at Fixer offer all our clients Free Pickup and Delivery, Warranty/Guarantee, Same day Service on all your Repairs and even offer you the option of a Replacement Phone while your device is with us under Repair. Fixer also provides Minutes Service at your Doorstep be it whether your Office or Home for Broken/Damaged Screen replacements on all Mobiles.

We repair all type of mobile phones, smartphones, tabs and laptops. All our repairs are conducted by highly trained technicians with a background knowledge and experience in this field amounting to more than 10 years.


Fixer Repair and More – A mobile repair service in the UAE. We provide following services:

Mobile / Smartphone Repair

We provide mobile repair service, smart phone repair service in Dubai, UAE. We repair all types of phone, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc. Whether it’s a microphone not working issue, speaker issue, blue tooth connectivity issue, power button issue, wi-fi issue, completely irresponsive mobile, water damaged etc. we can Fix any phone.

TAB Repair Service

We provide Tablet repair service in Dubai, UAE. We repair all types of tabs, Apple Samsung, etc. Whether it’s a microphone not working issue, speaker issue, blue tooth connectivity issue, power button issue, wifi issue, completely irresponsive screen, dropped in water etc. we provide a complete repair service.

Mobile Screen Damaged Replacement

One of the major issue we face with mobile phones or smartphone is mobile screen damaged or mobile screen cracked. Most of the time mobile LCD is damaged due to water. But no problem as Fixer Repair and More provides a MINUTES SERVICE AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. Call US and we will come to you and replace your broken mobile screen or cracked mobile screen within minutes in front of you.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Yes, Fixer Repair and More provides a completely FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY on all our repairs. Simply call us and we will come to you and pick your damaged mobile phone or smartphone or tab, we will fix it and will return it back to your place.

Same Day Service

We know how important a mobile phone is in our day to day life, and for this Fixer Repair and More provides same day service. We have a pool of expert technicians and with our combined experience of ten years we are able to fix many mobile related issues and repair within same day.

Customer Support & Warranty

Fixer Repair and More is well known for it’s customer support before and after service provided. We provide a 6 months warranty on all our repairs. We only use genuine parts in all our repairs. We are one call away simply call us and ask for a quote or book your repair.

Why Fixer Repair and More

Fixer Repair and More is a trusted mobile repair service provider in the UAE. With our unique approach we provide our customers with variety of options.


We provide FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY on all our repairs in the UAE.


We provide SIX Months WARRANTY/GUARANTEE on all our repairs.


Our expert technicians can fix your phone in one day. *Terms & conditions apply.


Broken mobile screens or cracked mobile screens can be replaced at your home or office within minutes. You call us and we will come to you to fix your phone.


While we are fixing your mobile phone or smart phone we provide you with a replacement phone option.


If we cannot repair any faults in your phone, then we not charge anything and return your mobile phone with complete diagnostic report.

How Fixer Repair and More Work?


Free Pickup




Free Delivery


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